What is Discover: Esports?

Discover: Esports is a unique two-day event where individuals, businesses and brands get to learn about the fundamentals of esports. Whether you’re completely new to the scene, or perhaps you’ve dabbled in competitive gaming in the past, Discover: Esports is an open and welcoming space for you to learn more about what this exciting industry has to offer.

What does GG mean and why is it used through esports and as part of a web address? I have heard of CS:GO, but is that the same as Counter-Strike and why is it so popular? popular? How do the leagues and divisions work with esports; are they shared or does each game have its own? Get answers to these questions and much more at Discover: Esports this November.


Our Story

The first seeds of an inspired idea can grow in the most unlikely of circumstances. In March 2020 the world faced a global pandemic and many people’s personal and professional lives were put on hold for a long period of time. We saw many industries face the consequences of a ban on in-person meets, one of those industries most affected was the bustling world of events.

Sally Kevan, our leading Events Manager here at Discover: Esports, moved back to her home in the North East during the first UK lockdown in 2020 and eventually reconnected with our top AV expert Sam Gordon. The two had worked together for over 10 years, but the opportunity to meet face-to-face again sparked some ideas from a shared passion for producing and delivering amazing events.

The games sector seemed like the perfect fit with Sally’s extensive experience in the industry and Sam being an avid gamer himself, and the area that really fascinated and excited them the most was esports and the future of the competitive gaming scene.

Through Sally’s connections working in games, she realised the perfect person to join the Discover Esports team was Chris Kissack, his amazing and infectious positivity for everything esports made the perfect fit. Chris’ vast experience in the esports industry, knowledge and connections and was the final piece of the puzzle.

And with that, the team are now looking forward to bringing a new kind of esports conference to the industry on November 29-30. See you there? 👋