An exciting esports learning experience is coming to the UK this November

Discover: Esports is a brand-new b2b conference that focuses on educating brands, businesses and individuals on the fundamentals of the esports industry. Everyone in attendance will have the opportunity to learn about the most vital parts of the esports ecosystem and go back to the very basics. So whether you are fresh into activating within esports, or have esports on your radar as part of your marketing or revenue strategy, this will be the conference for you.

Taking place in the innovative and bustling city of Newcastle-upon-Tyne on November 29-30, you can expect representatives from a wide variety of sectors such as dedicated sessions from those working, playing, competing and performing in all the areas that matter within esports. The aim of this event is to create a safe and welcoming space for people of all experience levels to learn about the opportunities available in the esports industry and get authentic answers to questions like:

◾️ What does GG mean and why is it used through esports and as part of a web address?
◾️ I have heard of CS:GO, but is that the same as Counter-Strike and why is it so popular?
◾️How do the leagues and divisions work with esports, are they shared or does each game have its own?
◾️ If an esports organisation has a YouTuber working for them, do they also play pro and why do they also play different titles?
◾️ What do abbreviations like LoL, CS, RL, TI and GG actually mean?

Discover: Esports is for brands, businesses and individuals who are looking to engage with the esports industry with authentic knowledge and understanding so they can maximise and capitalise more effectively from their interactions, but also create their own initiatives which are welcomed by those in the industry.

An opportunity for anyone and everyone to learn about a growing global billion-dollar industry

Chris Kissack, an esports industry veteran, is ecstatic to see this kind of conference take place:
“Esports is not always easy to understand. It is a very exciting industry to be a part of, one I have been part of since the 90s, with so many opportunities for different brands, businesses and individuals to get involved, but it moves so quickly and trying to activate authentically within it can be a real challenge without a solid foundational knowledge of the basics. What Discover Esports will deliver is authentic knowledge from those who live and breathe esports and the world of competitive gaming. It is going to be awesome!

Discover: Esports Founder Sally Kevan is looking forward to utilising her wealth of events expertise to bring many industries together under one roof to learn about the esports industry:

Having worked in the wonderful world of b2b games events over the last 10 years, I have watched, listened and learned a lot about esports, but it’s still an area of games that I felt was needing to be understood better, especially by the wider business world. Discover: Esports will deliver knowledge and understanding to brands and businesses that want to learn how to engage effectively and authentically within the world of esports.

Secure your spot at Discover: Esports today and explore how you can get involved in the growing global esports industry this November 29-30.

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