Your guide to Geordie slang

So, as you plan to make your way to the glorious city that is Newcastle upon Tyne, we thought we would share some words and phrases and some basic knowledge to help you on your stay.

The locals are called Geordies and are regularly voted as the friendliest people in the UK. You may not understand our accent though, which apparently has influences from Germanic and Scandinavian Europe.

A typical good morning and hello won’t be as sufficient in Newcastle. You are best using words like ‘Alreet’ and ‘Hows it gannin?’.

Instead of yes it’s ‘aye’ and if it’s a definite yes then its ‘whey aye’.

If you are hungry you can ask where the best place to ‘scran’ is as you are ‘clamming’.

Howay man’ instead of ‘come on’ and if you are well and good then you are ‘canny’.

Other words you may hear while you’re in the city:

Nee – no
Wor – our
Gan – going
Yee – you
Doon – down
Neet – night
Owa – over
Reet – right
Nowt – nothing
Wrang – wrong
Lang – long
Howk – Pick or scratch
Divvent – don’t
Toon – town, Newcastle United
Geet – no real translation – descriptive word
Radge – mad
Class – good
Bonny – beautiful
Bairn – child
Bait – dinner, packed lunch
Hyem / yem – home
Canny – good
Propa – significant
Belta – really good

Knackered – tired
Haddaway – term for disbelief
Deek – look
Nebby – nosey

Alreet canny folk, we are looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday!
The Discover: Esports Team